Real Partnership

Partner with a search firm that knows your business from the inside from their own senior global operational experiences.

We work very hard to develop strong and genuine partnerships, often preached by our competition but never lived in reality.

  • We don’t demand a contract at every turn, we are happy to be a sounding board at any time and in the “baking stages” of defining talent gaps and business needs.
    • We will use our own wider business expertise to help you when we can.
    • We will use our expert sector talent knowledge to help you when we can.
  • We don’t cherry pick the executive work when we partner with you. We will help you find specialist positions at most levels if it makes sense for us both.
  • We are flexible with our terms when the unexpected happens.
  • We have a sense of humor and professionalism recognized by candidates and clients alike (see references)

So how do we separate the unicorns from the crowds? Using a diverse and inclusive sourcing approach combined with good quality and regular communication. We are particularly proud of what our unsuccessful candidates say about us.

Our professionalism and business expertise reflects positively on YOUR brand !

We get to know candidates on a personal level – diving beyond the resume to learn their working styles, leadership tendencies and how they fit in with a team. Then we use our years of experience in the boardrooms of some of the world’s most successful companies to determine how candidates will mesh with your business.

This in-depth commitment to analyzing culture, talent and experience makes the on boarding and transition process smoother for all parties involved. We’re in the business of partnerships, not placements, so we only make recommendations when we’re confident they’ll lead to success for both clients and candidates.

Real Understanding

Founded and led by a former VP of Cultural Integration, CEO and President of several well-known global companies. Our team has experience in the C-Suite, shop floor and as a professional recruiters. Andy has the ultimate oversight of ALL retained Executive Searches handled by Search Excellence . His years of experience on both sides of the client and candidate relationship and living in seven countries in three continents give him great insights into what makes people successful in a role and any culture, and he manages the full team to those same standards. The most common comment from prospective candidates is "what a breath of fresh air to get such well presented business savvy insights up front". We strive to leave positive footprints that complement your brand and image. We are HIGHLY confidential as needed, we keep our team out of sight for that purpose and have handled C Suite placement of significant Fortune companies on a fully confidential basis.


We complete specialist B2B and B2C searches focused on the Automotive, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries and all supporting or related industries including Private Equity.

From Distributors and Wholesalers to retailers, and from OEM manufacturer to their suppliers and service partners , Search Excellence Partners is proud to be one of the few recruitment firms with real-world global experience and expertise in these highly technical and growing fields.


Automotive, Truck & Heavy Equipment OEM's

Diversified Industrial

IOT, Digital Market, Software, Hardware  

EV's, SDV's, Mobility, Rental

Tier Suppliers

Consumer Goods & Retail

Specialty Chemicals

Food & Beverage Ingredients



Distributors, Field based Operations



For your guidance we periodically post some of our recent work on our jobs page found via the menu link. Areas of work we have worked on include...

  • Strategic leadership and C Suite including Division Leaders, CFO's, CMO's, CDO's, CHRO's , Corporate Development M&A, and General Managers, Corporate and Field based.
  • Sales & Business Development; Regional, field and corporate including Digital & eCommerce.
  • Marketing & Communications,including digital, eCommerce, Data Strategy, Business Intelligence & insights leaders.
  • R&D, Product Innovation and Strategy leaders
  • Digital & Data transformation leaders, IOT, Applications, Ethernet, Zonal Architecture, Software, Hardware, SDV.
  • Operations & Supply leaders including engineering, QA, regulatory, EH&S, Responsible Care, Excellence, Lean6Sigma and more.
  • Human Resources & Talent Acquisition.
  • Finance, Treasury, FP&A and Corporate Development leaders.

Feel free to ask about others.

If you want to know more please contact us via email, phone or our convenient online voice message.