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Work with leading automotive executive headhunters and recruiters. We find the best passive talent in “all things automotive and vehicles and associated technologies ”

Every applicant can look good on paper or social media. A few buzzwords and inflated titles and as a hiring manager you are destined to waste many hours filtering the good from the bad.

Worse still, if you advertise the role you likely will be inundated with unqualified candidates desperately trying to fit a size ten foot in a size 8 shoe. Perhaps even a stream of recruiters looking to help you.

Instead use a search firm that knows what it is doing, a high service, confidential, great value, precise, a true “Head Hunter “.

We don’t use senior people to win searches and then hand them off to inexperienced back room staff. At Search Excellence Partners, we’ve worked on the shop floor and held seats in the boardrooms of some of the top companies around the world and from those operational experiences we can quickly recognize the skills and traits that separate sweet talkers from high performers and find you candidates of value and with values that match your culture.

Now we’re putting that expertise in your hands. As a recruiting partner, we can help you find, interview and hire talented professionals for your senior management, executive and C-Suite level positions. Our expertise and experience will make the process fast, efficient and most importantly, successful for your company. Work with trusted automotive executive headhunters and recruiters today!

We place many types of leaders and specialists

Focused on industrial searches in B2B and B2C industries in automotive and all supporting or related industries.

Search Excellence Partners is proud to be one of the few recruitment firms with real-world global experience and expertise in these highly technical and growing fields such as Software Defined Vehicles .

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